Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Incognito beneath the couch

Nothings quite unusual with this freaking setup. Same old, same old. You can’t even put your finger on it. Can’t tell what it is. Look closer and you’ll de damm disappointed. You won’t feel nothing. Nothing at all.

Let me see what I can do here…

Dog - eyed
I’ll start with these pathetic individuals who think that life revolves around stupidity. They consume too much air and use multiple penetrating glares on others. They walk differently, talk disturbingly, and laughs annoyingly.

I’ll karate-chop their throats. Break their necks. Hack their jaws using my foot. And piss on their mouths. Take that dog – eyed imbeciles!

Bitches in heat
Night after night, they stare on their glowing mirrors. They soak themselves with false beliefs that what they imagine will come true if they stare on the mirror longer than the day before.

I’ll squash their brains through their noses.

Star-studded freaks
They march chin up, head on. Like soldier ants in a hunt for an elephant. You always see them moving from point A to point B. Chit chat. Chit chat. Just like the Bitches in heat, they do this pestering chats to force themselves to believe that what comes out of their mouths makes sense. They ask enormous amounts of attention, and I you don’t give them that, they’ll set something or someone on fire. Since they’re a colony, their shapes vary. Some takes the shape of a rhinoceros shit. But most of them looks a lot like a drunken puke.

I’ll be taking time to annihilate these bastards. The rhinoceros shits will form 2 lines parallel to each other. For the first line, I’ll hack their knee caps with my trusted bolo. Second line, I’ll pull out their intestines, tie it in a rod, and spin it slowly. That should take care of those freaks!

And oh, I’ll piss on them too.

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