Monday, July 25, 2005

How may I help you?

“Hi! This is Carmen, how may I have you?”
Instant Message: Carmen, good job! Keep it up!
“Hello! This is Drake, what’s up!!!”
Instant Message: Drake, drop that call this instance! And get you ass in my office right now!
“Who the fuck do you think are speaking to? You’re freaking friends! Do that again and I’ll have your ass in a plate!”
“I apologize. This wont happen again.” Drake uttered as he walks back to his place like a beaten dog, tail between his legs. He’s still breathing heavily and buckets of sweat are accumulated in his forehead, neck, armpits and hands. He wore his gadgets again and stared at his monitor for quite some time.
“Drake, are you ok?” asked by his shift buddy, Carmen.
“Fuck off!”
“What’s wrong with you? Don’t you dare talk to me like that again!”
Drake just held his face between his trembling hands and weep.

Back in the executive office, lights are dimmed; stacks of folders are neatly aligned parallel to the other stacks of files on the meeting table. Paintings of local masters hang on both sides of the office. A flat screen monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard, stainless steel lamp shade, and a telephone, decorates the large modern table that occupies the back of the space.
Instant Message: It’s time to do my biding, Girlie.

Drake received a new call. He answered the call still teary eyed and with trembling voice.
“Hi, this is Drake. How may I help you today?”
“Ma’am, how can I be of service to you?”
Before Drake ended the call, he noticed a drop of blood on his keyboard. He looked up and saw the smashed remains of Carmen on the ceiling directly above him. The face is still intact and the rest of the body is mangled. He screamed at the top of his lungs and dropped out from his chair. His eyes got fixed on the carcass, wailing, he crawled to the next both and found no one. He stood up, still looking on the ceiling, looked for another of his shift buddy. He found none. He stopped screaming when he noticed he’s the only one left in the room. The room was occupied by 50 employees on his shift. This only heightened his fear. He ran towards the elevator, but when he pushed the down button, it short circuited. At the end of the hall, he saw the fire exit and ran towards it. The door is locked!

“Think Drake! Think! Call security! That’s right!”
He went to the lobby and punched numbers on the phone.
“Fuck! Phones are dead! What’s happening in here! Where is everyone?” He screamed.
“Drake!” A voice called his name.
He looked around and saw no one.
“Whose that?” Drake replied.
“Drake, I’m here!”
“Where? Who are you?”
“Up here Drake! Up here!”
Drake’s now drenched in sweat. All his body is trembling. He looked up and saw Carmen’s body, still in the ceiling, now above him.
“How the hell did you get here? You were there awhile ago and now you’re here! And you’re already dead!” he screamed.
“ Shhhh! Be quite you dumb ass! Ma’am Girlie’s still here. Go to her office and ask for help.”
Drake ran to the executive office still looking at Carmen’s head dripping of thick red blood. He noticed Carmen was smiling…

The door was open when he reached the executive office. It was dark. He went inside and called out for his boss. No one answered back. He felt the carpet floor sticky, air is damped. He called out for his boss again. Silence.

The phone rang.

With trembling hands, he picked up the phone and held it close to his ear.
“Hi! This is Girlie, and you’re going to die now!”
Drake screamed drops the mouthpiece and ran towards the door. But before he was able to, it closed by itself.

Again, he heard Carmen’s voice. He looked up and saw her smiling face still intact in her mangled body.
“What the fuck is happening here?” screaming and fell on the floor.
“Hihihi!” Carmen laughed and flashed her bloody teeth.
“Ma’am Girlie, Drake’s here.”

Bones from Carmen’s body are now cracking.
“She’s coming…”
A hand slid from Carmen’s remains.
Part by part, Drake saw how Girlie came out from Carmen’s distorted body.

“Hi Drake! Did you have fun?”
“Who the fuck are you guys? Please let me go!”
“I can’t do that Drake. Let me switch on the lights for you so you can see me clearly.”
Drake screamed but no words came out.
What he saw made his mouth burst blood and his eyes popped out.
His brains liquefied and streamed out from his ears.
His stomach and intestines gushed out from his navel, squirting pressurized blood everywhere.
His liver exploded just as his kidney went out his rectum.
Before his body totally collapsed, his heart crawled through his throat and stopped at Girlie’s foot.
She picked it up.
And took a bite out of it.
“Hmm… This taste good!”

What did Drake saw?

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