Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nurse Anna

“Nurse! Nurse! Nurse!” yelled the frantic father of a young girl with a steel pipe embedded in her head. Nurse Anna, walked slowly and gracefully, wearing a warm smile on her face, towards the desperate man. “Sir, please don’t panic, your daughter will be alright.” “How can my daughter me alright!?! She has a freaking pipe stuck on her skull!” He pointed to her daughter sitting on a stool. Oddly, the girl didn’t show any signs of pain, she was even playing with her doll, smiling. “Please… Help my daughter…” he pleaded. “Okay, okay. Please be calm, I’ll take her to the ER now. Fill up these forms and wait in the lobby. The doctor will see you after the operation.” Nurse Anna had the child sit on a wheel chair. As she pushed the chair, she hummed a familiar song to the little girl. Both of them were smiling. Blood now drips from the little girl’s head. The steel pipe was protruding from both ends of her head. Pinkish meat-like chunks of her brain are hanging on one end of the rusting steel pipe.
“Child, do you know who did this to you?”
“No. I just woke and when I looked in the mirror, I just saw the pipe in my head.”
A foul smell of rotting corpse filled the air of the operating room. Dark blood stained the walls, rusted medical apparatus pilled in one corner, and on the other, flies hovering over severed body parts.
“Lay on the table child. The doctor won’t be working today. He asked me to cover for him.”
“It’s cold in here.”
“Here’s a blanket. Now, be still.”
Nurse Anna wore her surgical gloves and put on her mask. She flexed her muscles, stretched her arms and shoulders. “Now I’m ready.”
She walked over to the child’s head.
“Be still. This will only take a minute.”, as she hold the pipe. She was now humming that song again. Both of them are smiling.
In a swift move, Nurse Anna pulled the pipe. Thick red blood rushed out from the now lifeless body of the child. It splattered on the ceiling, wall and floor. “It’s done! I’m good! I’m better than you, doctor!” A hanging body of a man was swaying slowly. Maggots are coming out of his eyes.
“I’m so good!”

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nice! morbid. i didn't know you could write.

check out my blog.

--rav (ppi)

>>> .chi. said...

i'm a nurse and that story's a nightmare! waaaaaaaaa!!!