Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Shabby Chic

The janitor of a posh building in the middle of the metropolis, was diligently mapping the already shinny French marble floor. Oddly enough, the lobby was quiet. He can only here the humming sound of the massive air conditioner supporting the whole 97th floor. During that time, he expected hordes of people coming in and out of the room but there was none. Not even, Marjorie. The old fart always talks to her whenever he’s attending to his duties in the lobby. “She’s an angel!” He continued mapping the floor. An hour ago, Marjorie was rushed inside the boardroom. All the executives where sitting comfortably in the leather-upholstered chair. Regular employees where standing and lined-up around the large Italian table. “Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Marjorie.” Truck loads of dutiful red blood cells rushed towards Marjorie’s face. She closed her eyes so hard; her skull almost sucked it up. Large gains of sweat formed perfectly aligned in her forehead, as if it’s ready for harvesting. A fat blood vein slowly but clearly appeared in her left temple. Everyone in the signature infested boardroom saw it. Her eyes still tightly closed, her lips drew an eerie smile. Inside her head, demons of all sort and sizes where squabbling around her. “It’s time.” One by one, all the tailored men in the room collapsed and screamed as both of their eyes popped out of their heads. Ladies, in their 4-inch heels, floated and were quickly plastered on the ceiling. One by one, their intestines crawled from their noses. The executives, who at the time of this monstrous and evil spectacle, were screaming their heads off asking for help. They’re rushed towards the door but before they could touch the knob, their heads blew-off. Chucks of brain splattered around the priceless paintings hanging around the wall. Violent blood dripped everywhere. Those, whose eyes balls were gone, stopped screaming as their throats were pulled out from their mouths. Instantaneously, their bodies were ripped off as if a pack of wild and rabid wolves were voraciously feasting over forest deer. Still hanging on the ceiling, their midsection burst and released all their organs. It made an organized pile in the spacious table. In just 2 riveting minutes, 35 individual were savagely slaughtered. This bestial and diabolic act made Marjorie comfortable. She opened her eyes. And this made her smile again. She wiped her Gucci shoes and walked towards the door. “I’m good! What’s next?”

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