Friday, October 15, 2004

Sticks and Stones

From the east gate, stood a sea of men ready to spill blood over there land. From the west gate, a multitude of army waits patiently and upon command will destroy anyone who gets in their way. “Here me, East and West! I am your deliverer! The time is at hand to join me in my conquest. Now is the time to take what is rightfully ours! Join me!” shouted by a man holding a double bladed bolo. Beside him is a massive beast, dutifully licking its scales. “I will bring you victory!” A thunderous reply came from both ends. It was an angry answer. They stumped their swords over their shields declaring war.

Both great houses were ready. “Assemble!” echoed through the lands. Footmen positioned themselves in front of the line. Mighty knights are gathered at the back. Archers are at the middle. “Forward!” The colossal movement stirred up a dust storm. The earth rumbled as the army marched towards the center of the plane. “Halt! Archers! Lit! Aim …”

“I call upon the guardians of my father’s grave! Heed my call! I summon thee to protect his heir!” Dark clouds accumulated around the man. A multi branched lightning struck down at his left side. Albert, The Fallen One appeared. Beyond the dark clouds, a chariot riding in flames, strode down at his right side. Irkvan, Guardian of the Grave, bowed down and greeted him. “My people have been infected. Cleanse them!” Both obliged and bowed down. He disappeared with his scaly companion.

The Fallen One positioned himself in the east side and the Guardian of the Grave in the west side. “Fire!” Hundred thousands of burning arrows cut through the dust filled air, lighting the dwindling sunset sky. The trajectory is at the center of the playing field. The fallen angel raised his majestic sword and pointed in the sky. Again, multi-branched lightning came down from above and created a dome shaped barrier around the two warriors. One by one, the burning arrows dropped everywhere bouncing off when it touched the lightning barrier. The last arrow stopped 5 hours after it was released. The Guardian of the Grave, anticipating the knights’ attack, scooped up the sand, recited an ancient language, and threw the sand away. At the back of both cavalries, the knights’ are gearing up for their attack. When suddenly, they froze including their horses. A cool wind blew in their direction and piece by piece, the people’s greatest weapon turned into ashes.

The archers are gearing up for the second wave of attack. Before the lieutenants were able to say ‘fire’, Albert moved 2 steps from where he stood and returned his sword from its case.

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